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Sara. Chicago. INFP. Christian, but it's a relationship, not a religion. By tumblr standards, old as balls. I would like the chance to like you as it is likely that I will. I tag everything and I eat sarcasm for breakfast. I probably listen to more music than you, so lets talk about it. I like books more than I like most human beings. ASL is my second language, and if you knock it I'll knock you. I am a fan of a LOT of things. My favorite joke in the world is 'A guy walked into a bar. ...Ouch.' which kind of explains me.

If I Needed You - Emmy Lou Harris & Don Williams (cover)

If I needed you 
Would you come to me?
Would you come to me 
For to ease my pain?
If you needed me 
I would come to you, 
I would swim the seas 
For to ease your pain

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